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I published their quarterly/then monthly newsletter from quark to the web for years.Maui Diamond Seasports status: offline timeline: 2000 I designed & developed it.British Petroleum Intranet Training status: intranet only timeline: 2001 An internally online training program for BP managers, the result of losing a multi-million dollar court case.Alaskan Independent Traveler [link] status: online timeline: 2000 Cheap, simple tourist site for a guy who rents his whole house to the rich alaskan tourists.Alaska Building & Science Network status: orphaned timeline: 1998-1999 I made most of their original site in 1998 and produced the design (by brett) on the 1999 one.Alaska Sportfish Council status: lost funding timeline: 2000 Design & development by me.

The per capita income for the borough was ,925 ( /- ,887).

Brett did most of the design work, and I put everything together.

status: redesigned timeline: 1997-1999 A native corporation that wanted to keep in touch with all their shareholders.

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The racial makeup of the borough was 93.84% White, 0.87% African American, 0.03% Native American, 4.47% Asian, 0.19% from other races, and 0.59% from two or more races.

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